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Bitcoin was originally created in order to start the electronic banking revolution, which seemed promising until it became so popular. Transactions were initially very fast, and fees were low. Fees are now relatively high due to the number of people involved, and the large volume of transactions. This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin serves these days instead as an  investment for money recovery.

However, this might change in the future due to implementation of the lightning network (almost zero charges with instant transfers), which is now underway. Bitcoin is divisible up to 100 million Satoshi, so it is pretty possible that paying for a coffee by Bitcoin will be quite common in the future.

At this time, Bitcoin is very volatile but in the long run it should increase its value at least for its limited number, usability, and interest.

How to store your Bitcoins?

You can use a huge number of wallets to store your Bitcoins. Simple mobile, web or computer wallets in the form of applications are available on the market. However, these are vulnerable to viruses and malware. The safest way to store your Bitcoins is in a so-called hardware wallet (Trezor or Ledger),, that encrypts access to your wallet.

Cryptolabs recommends the following digital wallets:

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  • Virtual currency trading poses significant risks. Prices might fluctuate on any given day. Due to such price fluctuations you may increase or lose the value of your assets.
  • We do not guarantee any profit from trading or any other activity associated with the website Due to risks mentioned above, and those not listed, you should consider whether the digital currency is the right choice for you depending on your financial circumstances.

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